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What I’ve Learned From My Technical Interviews

In this essay, I will share my insights and learnings from my 4th month as an Intern here at Encora Inc. This phase was to focus on our personal brand and to learn how to approach technical interviews with an open mind and relaxed manner.

First things first, the technical interview is very different from another job interview: it’s specialized, it follows a difficult process that tests your coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.


It is not a request to have a CS to have an amazing career as a developer. But one important part is to at least know and have an understanding of computer science fundamentals. Studying hard in concepts like algorithm, Big O notation, and Data Structures can help you a lot when you start a technical career.

Take. Your. Time.

Usually, in interviews, we try to answer as fast as possible so the interviewer knows that we really understand the concept. But the feedback I receive is not to rush, take a deep breath, and answer in a calm way. This gives that you really thought a little about your answer instead of just giving information that is wrong.


List everything in your resume that you consider important to your technical path. Usually, the resume should be just one page long, especially if you have little experience. Try to highlight the important and keep it in a nice format.

Preparing for interviews

A really important part of interviews is to master the knowledge you already have, so after you know the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms, you should try to answer the Cracking the Code Interview problems.

Interviews are hard and stressful. Not going to lie, but the perfect way to ace is, yes, you guessed it: practice. Practice. And then, relax and practice some more. Learn to know what you already know and what you are lacking. And remember, you already have the “no”, so at least give it a try.

Final thoughts

Always research first, the job position, the company, and if you can, the person who is going to interview you. Have questions prepared! Is really important to know the values of the company/startup you are going to apply to.

And finally, have empathy. Every recruiter is taking time out of their regular schedule to talk to you, so always give thanks for their time.




In this house we love, cherish, respect, and use the oxford comma.

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In this house we love, cherish, respect, and use the oxford comma.

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