Building Your Personal Brand — 1st Week

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As we approach further and further to the tech world out there, there is one thing we definitely are going to go through, interviews.

There exist a lot of types of interviews that companies use to make sure they pick the right candite. A lot of these interviews are great to know the technical skills of the participant, their personal goals, and of course, to know if they pass the cultural fit.

There is no magic formula that would make sure you get the job of your dreams, a lot of steps actually involve hard work and dedication. This month would especially be dedicated to building our own personal brand. Makes us be seen in the tech world.

What to expect from yourself when being interviewed

First thing first, you need to be okay with not knowing. Many of us come from a Computer Science background, and sometimes basic concepts just slip our minds in the crucial of moments. The important thing is to make notes of those definitions or concepts to studying them or practicing them later.

One of this month's assignments is to read Cracking the Coding Interview. And I really think the keyword is cracking. Maybe you know what is a Binary Search Tree, or how to deal with collisions, or the complexity of a certain algorithm. But as I began to read the first chapters of the book, is not only know these basic CS concepts but knowing how to use each one when dealing with a certain type of problem.

Dealing with stress and anxiety

It is inevitable to feel nervous at an interview, after all, you are being judged for your knowledge. Being the perfect candidate is hard, or impossible. As I said before you need to be okay with uncertainty. Many times you would be on your best game, and sometimes you would be out of the guard.

The main thing I recommend in every interview is to fully be committed to the conversation. After all, it is just a talk, sometimes a very technical one. But you need to be in complete focus and being in-ground for every question.

Practicing breathing exercises and meditation have helped me through a lot of difficult processes like interviews. Quit studying for a moment, just focus on the present and let a little bit of calmness enter your body.

Practice, practice, and well… practice some more

I do not think there is a concept of being over-prepared for an interview. There is always going to be something you don't know. But the important thing before each interview is to know the expectations of the employer. If you are applying for a junior position, do your research on junior positions and common questions.

Review the important concepts of your main technologies, not just theoretical, but also try in practice. Build a small project reviewing each concept, something I been trying this past few weeks.

If you can explain it in your own words, you already know it.




In this house we love, cherish, respect, and use the oxford comma.

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In this house we love, cherish, respect, and use the oxford comma.

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